8 Best Dog Paw Cleaners

The best dog paw cleaners are considered must-have products for many pet owners because they eliminate messes that inevitably occur when mans best friend is out enjoying life. The following handy devices will save time in the long run by preemptively keeping your house entranceway clean, absorbing water or mud and making the process of cleaning your dogs paws a lot simpler. The days of muddy floors and dirty carpets are over with some simple pet cleaning products that are designed with making pet ownership less of a hassle. 

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Creative developers are producing new products every year, and when it comes to cleaning up after dogs there's a few new exciting things on the market. The added bonus is that most dog paw cleaning products are affordable while still being reliable. We've put together a list of the best dog paw cleaners available in both Canada and the United States all with the goal of keeping your dogs paws sparkling clean once they enter your home.

Best Dog Paw Cleaner Cups

Dog paw cleaner cups are a must have if you have an adventurous pup that likes to find every dirty spot in your yard or while at the dog park. The fact that these cups are portable make it easy to keep one in your car, at the cabin or at the backdoor. If you have artificial grass for your dog you likely don't have a lot of messes to clean up but for when you do, these large dog paw cleaner cups can look after the dirtiest jobs quickly and easily. 

1. Dexas MudBuster Large Silicone Dog Paw Cleaner

This incredibly popular product is tops on our list because it's a proven winner. It has over 15,000 five star reviews on Amazon and rightly so. It comes with the option of 6 different colours and 3 different sizes so you can get the right fit for your dog, big or small. They are made of dishwasher safe silicone so you can simply pop it in the dishwasher after using it. The Dexas MudBuster silicone dog paw cleaner is made of BPA free silicone and non-toxic making is safe to use without any health risks to you or your dog. 

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2. MyPin Automatic Rechargeable Dog Paw Cleaner

This rechargeable dog paw cleaner cup makes our list because it very reasonably priced and includes a soft silicone brush in one convenient package. It's easy to use and easy to clean making it one of the best pet paw washers available. It's soft silicone bristles are super gentle, leaving you positive that you aren't harming your dog. It's long battery life makes it ultra reliable and easy to put in a bag or keep in the car for trips to the dog park. This handy little device makes a great gift for any pet lover. 

automatic dog paw cleaner

3. Paw Plunger Dog Paw Cleaner Cup

The Plunger Dog Paw Cleaner Cup will remove just about anything your furry friend will bring inside including mud, dirt, salt and sand. Quickly remove things like ice melt chemicals and other contaminants that can irritate sensitive paws. This vet recommended plunger cleaner works for any size dog and will easily remove dirt from paws, nails and lower legs. For added convenience it also comes with an easy carry handle to make transportation easier. It's easy to use, add warm water to the top, gently wash using the soft bristles and pour away the dirty water. 

dog paw cleaner cup

Best Dog Paw Cleaner Mats

The best dog paw cleaner mats are super absorbent and wick away water and mud at a rate unmatched by regular mats or towels. If you're tired of staring at that old muddy towel crumpled up at the front door, these mats will change that. The top rated dog mats all have a non-skid backing that keeps them in place even when your dog decides to slide or run over the mat. You may also want to consider using artificial grass deck tiles outside your back entrance to keep the area leading into your house clean. 

4. My Doggy Place Dog Paw Cleaner Mat

A microfiber dog paw cleaner mat is the answer to a lot of dog owners woes especially if you are constantly trying to keep the floors clean in your entranceway or kitchen. These ultra absorbent mats soak up water, dirt and mud like magic and with their durable construction you can wash them over and over. The non-slip backing means they will stay in place even if you've got multiple dogs using the mats. These mats are ideal for backyard entranceways, cars, furniture and are available in a wide array of attractive colours.  

my doggy place dog paw cleaner mat

5. Dirty Dog Paw Cleaner Doormat

Are you looking for a dog doormat that's going to last a long time even after washing several times? This top rated large dog paw cleaner doormat is designed for longevity with double stitching and rugged construction. The microfiber strands dry ten times faster than ordinary doormats so you can count on mud and water busting for days. This large doormat measures 35" x 26" and has a heavy duty non-skid gripper backing to prevent skidding and unwanted movement.

dirty dog paw cleaner doormat

Best Dog Paw Cleaner Wipes

The best rated dog paw cleaner wipes have a few things in common; they are made with all natural ingredients, don't contain any toxic chemicals and they provide the perfect mixture of cleaning power with gentleness for everyday use. Wipes are a great idea for a quick clean up after your dog has been outside, exposed to urine or other organic materials and just before they hop into your bed. We've listed the 2 best dog paw wipes below based on customer feedback, quality and being all natural. 

6. John Paul Dog Paw Cleaner Wipes

These moist dog paw cleaner wipes come in a convenient pop top container. It not only will help keep your dogs feet clean, it will add beneficial emollients to their fur and paws. It's infused with aloe and lanolin to help sooth while cleaning by absorbing dust and surface dirt. The moisturizer will help with dry, cracked paw pads while also deodorizing with a refreshing orange scent. These wipes work great to as a final clean and condition after using the silicone cleaner cups to get the bulk of the tracked in dirt off. 

dog paw cleaner wipes

7. Earth Rated Paw Pet Wipes for Dogs

Paw pet wipes for dogs are a great idea especially if your dog likes to nestle up on the couch or in your bed. You never know where your dog has been and there's nothing worse than having to deal with tracked in dirt and whatever else where you just want to lay down and relax. The Nature's Miracle Paw Pet Wipes are 99.9% biobased and can be used to wash your dogs paws, face and even tush without leaving wet residue behind or funky smells. They contain all natural shea butter, aloe and chamomile to keep skin and fur soft and luxurious while also smelling fresh. Free of parabens, sulphates and alcohol so they're mild enough for daily use. 

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Best Dog Paw Cleaner Spray

The best dog paw cleaner spray is hands down the best choice because of how safe it is, combined with how good it works. You never know what your dog may have stepped in whether it's pee or any other organic material. Using a strong dog paw sanitizer spray will ensure that whatever they walked through won't end up on your pillow where you will be exposed to it unsuspectedly. 

8. PawZ Dog Paw Cleaner Spray

Are you looking for a spray cleaner that's safe for your dog but strong enough to get their paws really clean? The PawZ dog paw cleaner spray is environmentally-friendly, safe for your dog and can also be used as a grooming spray. The antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties along with the fact that it kills 99.9% of germs make this a super strong spray. It's also non-toxic, alcohol and benzalkonium chloride free so you know it's safe for your loved ones. It's ingestible so it's safe to be licked and guaranteed 100% safe by the manufacturer. 

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How to Use a Dog Paw Cleaner Cup

Dog paw cleaner cups are really simple to use and one of the reasons they are so popular with dog owners. You simply add enough warm water to reach the top of the silicone bristles, insert the muddy paw and either twist the cup around the paw or dip the paw in and out. After the paw is clean, dry with a cloth and repeat for each dirty paw. After using, you can hand wash the cup or simply put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. The gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from paws, and keep it out of your house. 

Dog Paw Cleaner Cup Portability

The simplicity, compact size and light weight of paw cleaner plungers make them easy to bring just about anywhere your dog enjoys getting dirty. The following are places where you might find them handy to have nearby:

  • Camping. Whether you're a glamper or not, no one wants muddy paws in their tent or tent trailer. 
  • Car. This is the most handy place to keep your dog paw cleaner and is great for those impromptu visits to the local dog park. Just bring it with you or keep an extra device in your car for added convenience. 
  • Multiple Doorways. Due to their very affordable price, we recommend keeping a cleaner cup at both the front and back doors so you don't have your furry friend running around without clean paws in any part of your clean home. 
  • Walks and Hikes. Their compact size allows them to easily stowed in a backpack or carried for use during a walk, hike or jog. 

Dog Paw Cleaner Alternatives

With the numerous top rated dog paw cleaner products we've listed above there's not much that's left to the imagination. If you're a do it yourself person on a budget you may want to consider just a regular bucket with warm water and a pet friendly soap. There are many soft bristled brushes available for a very reasonable price, even at your local pet store. Another great option if you'd like to clean an area where bacteria and odours might be present, is to use a pet odour eliminator specifically designed to kill bacteria found in dog poo and pee.


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