Artificial Grass Landscaping

Artificial grass landscaping is a relatively new concept for most home and business owners but it's a trend that's been increasing in popularity around the world for the last decade. The concept of replacing naturally growing grass with fake grass isn't an easy decision for some but when you look at all the benefits of synthetic grass it becomes clear that it's a smart decision. The reduced costs and time spent on maintenance and surprisingly how much it reduces your environmental footprint, are just a few of the reasons to consider upgrading.

artificial grass landscaping

Imagine waking up on a hot summer weekend and instead of firing up the lawn mower and raking endless piles of dead grass clippings into garbage bags you can relax or spend valuable time with family or friends. The idea of being able to enjoy your yard without the hassle of all the upkeep is something most people can't even imagine. The technology and latest advances in synthetic grasses have made it possible, and more affordable than ever, to have pristine, real looking grass in your own backyard. 

Pros and Cons of Landscaping with Artificial Grass

Let's get started with taking a look at the benefits of landscaping with artificial grass and reasons you may want to upgrade despite the downsides that we'll go over below. Keep in mind that you may put more value on not having to mow the lawn every week while someone else might appreciate the cleanliness and the ability of synthetic lawns to provide an extension of any backyard patio area. 


The biggest advantage to incorporating artificial grass into your landscaping is the low upkeep. You won't need to water, cut, trim, fertilize or weed your lawn ever again and it'll look good every day, year after year. Your yard will be a lot easier to keep clean and free of debris even with children and pets using it every day. It's ideal for creating a comfortable, soft and aesthetically attractive grass area around pools and patios. 

  • Low maintenance
  • Looks great all year
  • Child friendly
  • Pet friendly
  • Save time and money
  • No watering
  • No mowing and raking
  • No fertilizing


What exactly are the disadvantages of incorporating artificial grass into your yard. With warranties that range upwards of 25 to 30 years you can be sure that your investment is going to stand the test of time. You can create a safe place for children and pets to play on or crawl around on for many years with a modest initial investment. It's true that artificial will never feel exactly like the real thing but the latest grasses mimic all types of naturally growing grasses with near-perfect mimicry. Learn more about how hot artificial grass gets in the summer and ways to keep it cool for everyone to enjoy. 

  • Upfront cost
  • Gets hot in direct sunlight
  • It's fake

Artificial Grass Landscaping Cost

The upfront cost of landscaping with artificial grass is arguably the biggest consideration for most home and business owners. Whether you are converting parts of your yard to synthetic or you're redoing your entire yard there will be a significant investment required. The question becomes what you're willing to pay now for years of enjoyment, added free time and even a boost to your home and property value. A handy home owner with a desire for the do-it-yourself approach may even want to consider installing the grass or if you want the peace of mind you may want to consider a professional installer. 

landscaping with artificial grass

Artificial Grass Landscaping Ideas

If you're wondering how to landscape with artificial grass or want some ideas to maximize the space in your yard this will help. Whether you're trying to create a play space for children, a safe place for your dog to enjoy or create a backyard oasis around a pool and patio the options are really endless what you can do. 


One of the biggest advantages to landscaping with artificial grass is the fact that you don't need any water. That means you don't need to run an irrigation system or set up an automatic sprinkler. The combination of a synthetic lawn and xeriscaping are two-fold because you will be using plants that also require little or no water, the ultimate in low maintenance. 

As you can see artificial grass landscaping and rock looks amazing and there are so many options with many colours of rock available, an almost endless list of native and water-friendly plants and all without the need to set up elaborate and expensive irrigation systems.  

If rock isn't appealing you may want to consider a softer mulch like bark or wood chips but keep in mind that they do fade over time and tend to be messy.

xeriscape with artificial grass


Incorporating artificial grass into your pool area is chalked full of so many benefits that once you upgrade you'll wish you did it sooner. You will enjoy and appearance and colour contrast that never fades or needs attention all pool season. Grass clippings will no longer end up in the pool and you can say good bye to dirt and mud which is the last thing you want next to the pool. 

When comparing artificial grass poolscaping to sod there's no question of the benefits. Imagine how much softer grass feels on bare feet compared to harsh concrete especially after a long swim. 

Installing synthetic grass in a pool area is worth considering because you just can't beat lush, soft and real looking grass that'll last for years without fading even when splashed with pool water. 



Landscaping with the safety and enjoyment of your dog in mind is incredibly easy to achieve with artificial grass. Keeping your backyard area clean and dry is a huge benefit especially when your dogs spend time both outside and inside. 

A properly installed synthetic lawn will provide years of enjoyment with the added benefit that your pets will absolutely love it for playing, lounging and ultimately they'll want to spend more time outside. A yard designed with dogscaping a priority should include adequate drainage to allow pee to drain properly and an edger board that will prevent even the most energetic dog from lifting an edge. 

Investing in a dog safe yard with artificial grass will pay for itself in as little as a few years, with the added benefit of less headaches down the road.  

landscaping for dogs


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