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Artificial grass glue is an important part of the installation process and equally important is choosing the best artificial grass adhesive for the job. All glues are not created equal and we're going to go over what to look for in a glue ideal for the Canadian climate, including toxicity, performance and price. Whether you're completing a backyard play area, covering an existing concrete slab or transforming your wood deck into a lush and green place to relax there is a glue that will get the job done that won't break the bank. 

artificial grass glue

What makes the best artificial grass glue? We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about turf adhesive. After reading this page you will have a really good idea of what to look for in a glue, when and where it should be used and even the cost of using glue for your project. There's nothing worse than putting time and effort into getting a job completed only to use a cheap or unsuitable glue that won't stand up to weather in Canada.

Best Artificial Grass Glue

The best artificial grass glue is a single part adhesive with a high workable time that will stand up to extreme high and low temperatures. A glue that's too thick or cures too quickly make the installation process extremely difficult. In most parts of Canada we experience all four seasons and with that we get soaring high temperatures in the summer and frigidly cold weather in the winter. The extreme temperatures themselves are hard on glue but it's the fluctuations every year that put quality adhesives to the real test.

Since artificial grass is exposed to weather 365 days a year it will experience everything including ice, snow, rain, wind, uv rays and extreme heat. This is why a quality artificial grass glue needs a high grab strength while still being able to flex. The following is a list of qualities to look for in an outdoor polyurethane based turf adhesive:

Roberts Artificial Grass Glue Outdoor Adhesive 1 Quart

Solvent free, environmentally safe formula for outdoor use.

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roberts artificial grass glue

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-hazardous
  • No mixing
  • No actetone
  • No solvents
  • No drying out or cracking

A cheap adhesive or one that isn't designed for outdoor use in Canada will break down over time either due to the temperature, wear and tear or moisture. It's common to see in installations where the wrong or cheap glue was used that there was never a bond created between the grass backing and the substrate surface. The substrate surface whether it's concrete, asphalt, wood decking, landscape tiles or foam should be bonded to the grass backing. This is even more important when nails can't be used to fasten the turf, unless the design is suitable for a floating layer.  

When the artificial grass glue is being used to join a seam, the glue failing can be extremely troublesome. The joint will separate over time and will start to show wear along the seam edge. This unsightly problem is very difficult to remedy and will often result in a complete replacement being required. It's common for reputable artificial grass installers to use a combination of seam tape, glue and nails to secure a seam just to ensure this doesn't happen.

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XGS artificial grass adhesive is a single part, polyurethane based, moisture curing bond designed specifically for various substrates including; concrete, asphalt, wood, rubber and foam. It's non-toxic, non-hazardous and doesn't require any mixing. It garners praise for being eco-friendly while performing in heavy-duty applications. It's ideal for extreme weather conditions found in Canada and will resist drying out and cracking. This adhesive is available on Amazon USA and specialty artificial grass retailers in Canada but the price is steep at time of writing this article. 

XGS artificial grass glue ranges in price from $14 to $60 per litre in Canada. 

Roberts 6700

Roberts 6700 indoor and outdoor artificial grass glue is a solvent-free, single part adhesive ideal for patios, basements and pool surrounds. It's designed for outdoor use that's subject to extreme temperatures, moisture and heavy wear. It's an affordable option that gets the job done whether its gluing artificial grass to porous and non-porous surfaces. Roberts glues have been trusted by consumers for many years and can be purchased online at or in person at most Home Depot store in Canada. 

Roberts 6700 artificial grass glue ranges in price from $2.50 to $10 per litre in Canada.

Home Bond

Homebond premium outdoor carpet and turf adhesive is found exclusively at Home Hardware stores in Canada. It falls into the affordable price category with Roberts 6700 and has similar coverage. It boasts being environmentally friendly, zero VOC, solvent-free and specifically designed for exterior applications. This glue can be conveniently ordered, delivered or picked up at Home Hardware stores in Kelowna and surrounding Okanagan Valley. The low price makes this a great option for diy artificial grass gluing applications as well as industrial projects. 

Home Bond artificial grass glue is available for about $10 per litre in Canada. 

Artificial Grass Glue and Joining Tape

Gluing artificial grass seams together is one of the more difficult processes to get right and is often a tell-tale sign of a good installer. A seam that is installed properly should be nearly invisible and the overall quality of the seam will depend on factors like grass blade length, thickness of grass, length of the seam and whether it's a side or head seam. 

An invisible seam that stays in place over many years of wear can be achieved in a few ways using a combination of the following methods. A double-sided seam tape has a pre-applied glue on both sides of the tape allowing it to secure to the substrate underneath and the artificial grass backing. Seam cloth nailed to the substrate and glue spread on the cloth are a great way provide increased coverage and grab strength. Nails along each seam edge is another added way to increase fastening strength along the joint. We recommend using a combination of seam cloth, glue and artificial grass nails to give the seam an incredible look and resilience to the forces that can pull the seam apart throughout the year. 

LLPT Artificial Grass Seam Tape 6" x 40' Heavy Duty

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artificial grass joining tape

Artificial Grass Glue on Concrete

Aside from gluing seams down, gluing artificial grass to concrete is the most common use for turf adhesive. The main reason for gluing grass down to concrete is to prevent movement that can cause ripples and corners from lifting. The rippling that can occur in improperly installed turf can be both unsightly and pose a tripping hazard. The ultimate goal when adhering grass to concrete is to ensure proper bonding around the entire perimeter of the area receiving artificial grass. 

Artificial Grass Glue FAQs

If you're looking for quick answers to questions you have about artificial grass glue you'll find the section below to be very informative. If at any time you want to send us a question just fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We try to do our best to respond to your specific questions but it may take us longer during the busy spring and summer season.  

How do you glue down artificial grass?

Glue can be used to fasten a seam or to fasten the perimeter. The entire artificial grass installation process varies depending on the substrate and other unique factors of your project. The end result is you want the perimeter to resist peeling or lifting and the seams to stay in place over many years of use. 

How do you secure the edges of artificial grass?

The edges of artificial grass are secured either by nails, glue or a combination of both depending on the substrate surface. Nails are used when turf is laid directly on packed crush or wood and is sufficient for most applications. Glue is required for fastening the perimeter when laying turf on concrete, asphalt, and foam.

How do you fix artificial grass?

If you end up damaging your artificial grass to the point it requires repairs, it is possible to fix. While it's very hard to damage synthetic turf it can happen from burns from a cigarette or bbq for example. The best way is to cut the damaged area out and replace it with a fresh undamaged piece. This process requires precision cuts and gluing the piece carefully and can be virtually invisible when done properly. We recommend keeping spare pieces of grass incase of an event that requires repairs to ensure colour match. 

Can I glue artificial grass to wood?

Absolutely. Artificial grass is commonly glued to wood when installing on top of a wood deck. While there are some things to look for before installing artificial grass on a wood deck like integrity of the wood and adequate drainage, it's a great way to transform a dull outdoor area by adding colour and comfort.

How do you remove artificial grass glue from skin and hands?

We recommend using warm soapy water to remove fresh glue that hasn't cured and hardened yet. If the adhesive has dried you may find success using a mineral spirit that can be applied to a clean white cloth. Gloves and old clothing should be used any time you are working with adhesives during the turf installation process.

Is glue better than nails for securing turf?

Glue is more costly and takes more time to use but it is recommended over nails for most applications. A quality artificial grass glue will stay bonded for years and stand up to almost anything including dogs, heavy traffic and extreme weather including ice and snow. In some circumstances like the perimeter or a lawn on crusher chips, glue isn't possible and that is when spikes or nails should be sufficient. A combination of glue and nails can be used for an even better hold that will last for many years.

How much does artificial grass glue cost?

Artificial grass glue price varies significantly in Canada and is most likely due to the newness of artificial grass in our country. It makes it important to do your research and hopefully this article has helped on that front. While the quality and coverage may vary slightly there is a large discrepancy in price ranging from $2 per litre to $60 per litre.


Please use all appropriate and proper safety precautions when attempting projects on this website. All projects are attempted at the reader's own risk. 

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