Artificial Grass Power Brush

An artificial grass power brush is an essential tool for anyone that wants to enjoy the benefits of a synthetic lawn and take control of the yearly maintenance. In addition to keeping it clean and looking vibrant all season long, refreshing synthetic grass will prolong its life by years. Archaic and cumbersome power brooms have been used for routine artificial grass maintenance for years by professionals, but now with the introduction of electric and battery powered artificial grass power brushes, owners and professionals can do it with ease.  

artificial grass power brush

Around the world there's a steady transition away from natural grass largely because it taxes local water supplies. This has lead to an increase in popularity of low water consumption xeriscaping combined with artificial grass lawns. With the shift in thinking towards the environment, water conservation and climate change there are other changes occurring. The typical high carbon footprint, air polluting, gas lawn mower will likely become an obsolete garden tool that makes way for an environmentally friendly battery or electric cleaning device.

Best Artificial Grass Power Brushes

The best artificial grass power brushes on the market today have replaced the old gas powered beasts that were incredibly difficult to use and often required two people. The old style power brooms needed to be pushed against the grain of the grass while also holding up the weight of the unit itself. This meant that power brooming artificial grass was impossible for anyone that didn't have the strength to use the machine. 

There is now a solution that not only makes it possible to keep your artificial grass cleaner, looking better and lasting longer, it can be used by virtually anyone. You can easily keep your lawn clear of leaves, pine needles, moss, pebbles and other organic debris as part of a good artificial grass winter care routine. In the same way you push a lawn mower, you can now push a power brush over your artificial grass lawn. The best battery powered artificial grass brush machines can clean the average 1000 square foot lawn in only a few minutes.

Electric Brush for Artificial Grass

An electric brush for artificial grass is a great option if you don't mind slinging an electrical cord behind you as you broom. The main advantage to an electric unit is you don't need to recharge batteries or add gasoline and it will run as long as you need it to as long as it's plugged in. All you need is a regular household outlet and a cord long enough to get you to the far corners of your yard. An artificial grass electric power brush will be rated by voltage, brush width and capacity of collection bag. 

Garland Electric Artificial Grass Power Brush

Artificial grass power brushes designed for synthetic lawns.

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Battery Powered Artificial Grass Brush

The ultimate in ease and convenience are the environmentally friendly battery powered artificial grass power brush sweeps. They're available in handheld and push versions, designed with synthetic lawn maintenance for the average home owner in mind. The push version is incredibly easy to traverse over your lawn and can clean and condition in only one pass. A cordless artificial grass power brush features a rechargeable lithium ion battery that offers up to 1,000 square feet of lawn coverage, a collection bag for debris and an adjustable push handle.

How to Use an Artificial Grass Power Brush

How do you use an artificial grass power brush? The original type of power bush consisted of an upper section where the gas motor was located and a lower section where the cylindrical brush attachment was located. This has since been replaced with a much lighter, quieter and user friendly battery or electric artificial grass power brush. Let's take a look at what you are trying to achieve while using a power broom. 

It's important that you push the power brush against the grain of the grass once you've determine the way it lays. As you broom or defibrillate the grass you are achieving a few important things. The first is you are cleaning the infill of organic materials which can cause weeds and moss growth that leads to damaging your grass. You are also refreshing or erecting the grass blades which look more natural and reduce the shine caused when sun reflects on flattened blades. The more time the grass is in the state of being bloomed and free of debris, the less you'll have to clean your artificial grass

Keeping the above in mind you will need to determine how fast to walk as you push the power broom or brush "mower". The goal is to remove most of the debris and refresh the grass up nicely on one pass. You can either push the debris in one direction to be blown off or you can use a shop vacuum to remove the the collected debris. If the unit has an attached collection bag you can simply un-attach the bag and dump the collected organic debris into a recycling bin or compost pile. 

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Artificial Grass Power Brush FAQs

If you have questions about anything related to synthetic grass maintenance equipment you can contact one of our experts through our contact page or you can read through the following list of frequently asked questions related to synthetic lawn cleaners. We feel that maintaining your own lawn, once educated on how to do it, is the best option so you get to know your specific lawn and what type of maintenance it requires. 

Do I need to power broom infill into my grass?

You don't necessarily need a power broom to work the infill down to the base backing of the artificial grass but it can make the job a whole lot easier. Whether you are placing regular silica sand or using an advanced pet friendly anti-microbial infill you can use a simple stiff bristled push broom but for large areas we recommend using an artificial grass maintenance power brush. 

How do I refresh artificial grass?

The process of refreshing artificial grass will often solve flattening of the blades and revitalize dull and dirty grass. While artificial grass is ultra low maintenance it does require some upkeep to keep it looking great year after year. The amount of refreshing or regular maintenance required will vary depending on how much traffic the grass receives and even the quality of the installed grass, as it does vary considerably. 

The best way to refresh artificial grass is to first remove debris like leaves and other organic matter with an artificial grass maintenance power brush or a blower. After the grass is clear of debris, give it a good rinse with a garden hose to bring it back to its original vibrant colour. If you have dogs that use the grass as a bathroom it's a good idea to clean with an artificial grass cleaner with beneficial enzymes. This will kill potentially harmful microbes, reduce pet odour and give it a nice fresh scent.

Can I vacuum my artificial grass?

It is not recommended that you vacuum artificial grass unless you are carefully spot cleaning. The infill material which is usually silica sand, is an important part of the artificial grass functioning properly and helps prolong the life of the grass. If you vacuum the sand particles out of the grass you will be exposing the grass to premature wear, decreasing the ballast weight and deregulating the temperature of the grass. Instead of vacuuming, all that's usually required is a single pass with a quality artificial grass power brush or synthetic turf push broom.

Do I need to power brush my artificial grass?

An artificial grass power brush is an essential part of regular maintenance and will keep the grass looking good at all times. There are different sizes of power brushes designed for various size grass areas so you can find one that's right for you.

What brush is best for artificial grass?

The best brush for maintaining artificial grass is push power broom with a stiff bristle brush. The stiff bristles will allow penetration into the grass thatch layer to clean out organics that have settled over time, while still being soft enough not to damage the grass. 


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