Artificial Grass Maintenance Equipment

The right artificial grass maintenance equipment will make the task of keeping your grass clean and safe an easy one. The minimal upkeep is likely one of the reasons you chose a synthetic grass over natural grass in the first place but it does require some maintenance from time to time. This can include spot cleaning to remove leaves or a thorough deep cleanse with a power brush to remove organic materials from the infill. All of this in an effort to prevent weeds or harboured bacteria, viruses and germs that can develop especially if pets use the grass. 

If you are the type that enjoys the relaxation of raking the lawn or feeling the throttle of a gas powered leaf blower you are in luck. The best artificial grass maintenance equipment ranges from a simple rake designed to be gentle on the grass blades to a sophisticated artificial grass power brush that's a cross between a typical sweeper and a traditional lawn mower. As artificial grass has grown in popularity so has the need for the absolute best tools for artificial grass maintenance for professional landscapers and typical residential synthetic grass owners.

Artificial Grass Maintenance Equipment Guide

The best synthetic grass maintenance equipment should save time and make the job easier regardless if it's to maintain a putting green, residential lawn, children's play area or a large commercial project. In the world of artificial grass maintenance it's commonplace to get asked what the best tool is for a certain task. Since it's a relatively new industry to Canada and North America it can be a bit confusing and frankly hard to find the right tool to complete the job properly. 

Power Brush

A power broom for artificial grass was once a tool that only professionals used during the artificial grass installation process to set infill and bloom the grass blades for appearance and increased function. With the latest developments in cordless power there's now an artificial grass power brush option for residential synthetic turf owners that'll make the biggest turf cleanups a lot less of a hassle. The result will be a lawn that looks better year round and you'll be adding years to your investment both in appearance and function. It's definitely worth adding to your artificial grass maintenance equipment arsenal. 


A simple push broom is part of every handy homeowner's arsenal likely because it's great for sweeping sidewalks and driveways. There's nothing worse than having to use an indoor broom for an outdoor job or vice versa, hence the importance of a good push broom. When it comes to artificial grass, a quality push broom can often be adequate for small cleaning projects. A quick spot clean after a small tree sheds its leaves or a bush drops flowers can be swept up by brooming with the grass grain, followed up by pushing against the grain to groom the turf to a standing position. 

Tip: A simple stiff bristled push broom is great for spot cleaning and blooming the grass blades.

Leaf Rake

The most basic artificial grass lawn maintenance tool is the rake. While this might seem like a no brainer there are numerous varieties out there and most of them aren't ideal for artificial grass. There are some rakes that are OK for maintaining synthetic grass and there are a few that are ideal. Buying the right rake assures that you aren't damaging the grass blades, fragile thatch or protective backing material when carrying out your spot cleaning. You might be surprised that the best artificial grass rake is a lightweight, curved bristle device.

Tip: Look for a plastic or nylon bristle rake that's gentle on turf but strong enough to corral debris.

Electric Leaf Blower

This fantastic tool may already be sitting in your garage or shed and if not it's definitely an artificial grass maintenance equipment must have. Any number of variables can lead to trees losing their leaves or branches; a freak wind storm, cooling temperatures and even disease. The result is an unsightly mess of leaves and twigs that any homeowner with shedding trees can appreciate, or not. The resulting mess should be cleaned up as quickly as possible to prevent the leaves breaking down and filtering down into the infill material where it can lead to weeds, bacterial growth and worse.

Tip: If you don't have one now is the time because it's great for artificial grass and other yard cleanup.

Electric Leaf Vacuum

An electric leaf blower is a handy piece of equipment that will move a lot of lightweight material with minimal effort. It's called a leaf blower because it's typical use is to corral leaves into a manageable pile that can then either be vacuumed up or raked up and bagged. The best leaf blowers on the market are capable of moving a lot of material and are either powered via an electrical cord or battery power. They are typically lightweight and designed to be carried by the user with the least amount of effort. 

Tip: A leaf vacuum is ideal for large areas with an abundance of leaf or other tree debris.


To round out our list of artificial grass cleaning equipment we would be negligent to not mention how valuable a good cleaner is especially if you have dogs that use the grass as a bathroom. Any professional landscaper should be using a cleaner that safely kills bacteria and viruses as part of their artificial grass maintenance cleaning service. This is typically an active enzyme culture that is completely safe to use around children and pets, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The best cleaners for artificial grass are usually marketed as pet cleaner and deodorizers and have evolved from indoor carpet cleaners.

Tip: Find an enzyme cleaner concentrate that's pet friendly and non-toxic for value and safety. 

Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips

In addition to using the best artificial grass maintenance equipment there are some important things to keep in mind once you are the proud owner of artificial grass. You likely made a substantial investment to have synthetic installed and by simply following a few important rules you can enjoy your investment for many years to come. All artificial grasses aren't created equal and neither are the tools used to maintain it, so hopefully this article has helped.

Keep it Clean

The ultimate goal of using the best artificial grass maintenance equipment is to keep the synthetic grass clean as often as possible. It really is that simple and by doing so you'll be preventing potential headaches down the road like weeds growing through the turf. In keeping the grass free of dirt and debris it'll look better and function better, in the case of a putting green with the added benefit of prolonging the turfs life. The potential downsides to allowing debris and organics to settle into the grass include; weeds, germs, bacterias, viruses and potentially insects and critters taking hold. 

Go Green

With the latest advancements in green technology and specifically battery power, there's even more reason to take advantage of the latest gadgets. With the introduction of the lithium-ion battery there have been some amazing products introduced in the home and garden maintenance world. There's great options in power brooms, backpack blowers and vacuums that will get the job done and keep your artificial grass maintenance equipment regime environmentally friendly. The added bonus is you won't have to deal with gas, oil, engines that won't start and annoying the neighbours. 

Hire a Professional

You've invested in a residential artificial grass lawn or putting green and you just don't have the time to maintain it, or you simply don't want to. As mentioned above, synthetic grass does require some minor maintenance at least once a year and what better way than to hire a local professional artificial grass maintenance company to do it for you. The best time to carry out yearly artificial grass winter care maintenance is in the fall. Let the experts keep your synthetic grass in tip-top shape and also have the added peace of mind that it's done properly.

Artificial Grass Maintenance Equipment FAQs

What kind of maintenance equipment do I need for artificial grass?

The most common maintenance equipment for artificial grass include a power brush, stiff bristle broom, leaf blower, rubber rake, enzyme cleaner and garden hose. 

How often should I use maintenance equipment on artificial grass?

It's recommend to maintain artificial grass at least once a month to keep it clean and looking its best. 

What are the essential tools for artificial grass maintenance?

Essential tools for artificial grass maintenance include a power brush for removing debris and grooming the grass, a leaf blower for clearing large amounts of leaves and organic matter, and a garden hose for the occasional cleaning. 

Can I use regular garden tools like a broom or rake to maintain my artificial grass?

A stiff bristled broom can be used effectively to remove debris and fluff up any grass that's been matted down. A rake should only be used if the tines are made of nylon or rubber.


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