Artificial Grass Rakes

An artificial grass rake is a handy tool for anyone that wants to keep their lawn, putting green or dog run clean. You've invested in a durable, attractive and functional synthetic lawn and it just makes sense that you'd want to keep it clean. In addition to keeping the area clear of debris like leaves, twigs or pebbles you'll be maintaining the health of your artificial grass by not allowing organics to settle to the base of the grass where they can cause all sorts of problems like weeds, odours and potentially harmful microorganisms. 

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What kind of rake do you use for artificial grass? The top rated artificial grass rakes used by both professionals and satisfied customers have a couple things in common. Firstly you want a rake that has stiff enough bristles or tines to collect debris on top of the grass and also penetrate into the grass to get in between the grass blades. The process of blooming by either pushing or pulling against the grain of the turf is ideal for turf longevity and can be carried out by a rake, broom or the best and easiest method of using an artificial grass power brush

Best Artificial Grass Rakes

What is the best rake for artificial grass? The best artificial grass rake has everything you need for keeping your investment clean all year. The rakes listed below are all made by reputable companies that have been in the landscaping, carpet or cleaning industry for years so you can be sure the product is high quality. The differences between the different types of synthetic grass lawn rakes are worth considering and should allow you to find one that suits your preference when maintaining your artificial grass. 

Artificial Grass Rake Brush

One of the best telescopic artificial grass rakes on the market today originated in the United Kingdom and is now available in North America. The Spear & Jackson Telescopic Astro Turf Brush is the highest rated artificial grass rake broom for several reasons. The unique curved stiff bristle design allows for enhanced sweeping while pulling towards the user. If this motion is against the grass grain you can achieve a really nice blooming of the turf at the same time as collecting debris. This model has a telescopic and retractable handle for easy usage and storing. 

Spear & Jackson Artificial Grass Rake Brush

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Artificial Grass Power Rake

Are you looking for an artificial grass electric rake to make cleaning your turf easier? These powered artificial grass rakes are new to the market in 2021 and are going to be a popular choice for home and business owners that want to maintain large synthetic turf areas on their own. If you are wanting to add a top of the line product to your artificial grass maintenance equipment arsenal this device is a must have. In addition to making the job of blooming and cleaning artificial grass, you can count let electricity do the work for you.  

Power Rake for Artificial Grass

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Artificial Grass Plastic Rake

An artificial grass lawn rake with stiff nylon tines is ideal for quickly pulling debris to the surface where it can be collected for removal. This type of rake is best used in a pulling motion against the grain of the synthetic grass so you are blooming as your clean. Since this type of artificial grass rake is ultra-light it's ideal for routine spot cleaning and small, hard to reach areas where you can't get at it with a power brush. Anytime you use a rake with a stiff tine make sure that you aren't pressing so hard that you are penetrating through to the backing.

Roberts Plastic Rake & Groomer

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Rubber Rake for Artificial Grass

A rubber rake for artificial grass is preferred by some owners because of how easy it is to use and how versatile it is. The soft rubber bristles almost act like a magnet to pick up debris both on top of artificial grass and in the blades. The relatively short tines means that you don't get as much resistance when pushing against the grain of the turf, making it easier to operate and take care of their own artificial grass maintenance. A rubber artificial grass rake is ideal for pets that shed on the lawn because it makes quick work of pet hair. 

Tyroler Bright Rubber Rake for Pet Hair

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Can you Rake Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass can be raked and broomed, both manually and with a gas or electric powered brush designed for artificial grass. Any quality synthetic turf is made to stand up to years of wear and brushing shouldn't harm the turf as long as a few rules are followed. Firstly, make sure that a silica sand or anti-microbial infill was used. The infill protects the backing of the turf and should be used with most artificial grasses. It's also important that you don't use a metal rake especially if there are sharp edges that may puncture the backing or damage the grass. 

The process of raking artificial grass should not displace the infill material, it should only pull material from within the blades and surface of the grass. 

How to Rake Artificial Grass

When raking artificial grass the most effective technique is to start at one corner and work towards the opposite side. Ensure that you are pulling against the grain of the grass so that you're blooming the grass as you clean, in a process known as blooming. The turf should have an obvious lean or grain direction and the goal is to stand the blades up against this grain. If you are using a rake, pull against the grain and with an artificial grass broom you are pushing against the grain. 

If you are just spot cleaning surface debris with a regular artificial grass rake you simply collect the debris as you would on a natural grass lawn. It may be easier to rake with the grain of the grass so you aren't fighting against the grass as you're picking debris off the surface. As you learn about your grass it'll become second nature as far as how often to rake it, if you need to get a deep clean or even use a professional artificial grass cleaner.

What rake is best for artificial grass?

The best rake for artificial grass is an electric power brush that grooms the grass blades as you rake. You may want to consider a lightweight rubber rake that is gentle on the turf while still being able to collect debris. Avoid rakes with metal tines as they can damage the thatch layer of the turf. 

Do I rake or vacuum my artificial grass?

Avoid vacuuming unless you are careful not to suck up any of the sand or bead infill. A soft rubber or stiff bristled rake is ideal for spot cleaning and you might consider an artificial grass power broom with collector bag for larger areas.

How do you fluff up artificial grass?

Fluffing up or refreshing artificial grass is essential to ensuring the longevity of the grass and will keep it looking like new longer. Simply rake or broom against the grain of the grass to help the blades stand straighter and repeat the process as often as needed.

Can I use a regular garden rake on artificial grass?

Using a regular garden rake is not recommended as it can damage the turf blades and thatch layer underneath. It's best to use a specialized rake with softer bristles or tines designed for synthetic turf. 

How often should I rake my artificial grass?

Raking once a month is usually sufficient for regular maintenance however if you notice debris or matting in specific areas, more frequent raking or brushing may be necessary. 

Can I use a power rake on artificial grass?

A power rake designed for artificial grass will deep clean the turf and remove unwanted debris over large areas. 

How do I remove leaves and pet hair from artificial grass with a rake?

A rake can remove leaves and pet hair by gently raking in one directions to gather the debris into a pile. Then, using a vacuum or leaf blower you can remove the collected debris from the turf being careful not to suck up the infill material. 

Should I use a rubber or plastic-tined rake for artificial grass?

Both rubber and plastic-tines rakes can be used with good results. Rubber tines are softer and ideal for removing leaves and light debris, while plastic tines are stiffer and more effective for loosening compacted infill or grooming the grass fibers. 


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