7 Best Dog Houses for Large Dogs

The best dog houses for large dogs will transform your dogs current living space into a more comfortable, safer and more enjoyable place to call home. Whether it's to provide protection from harsh weather or to provide a shaded, cool place to relax, a dog house is a haven for your pet and the importance of choosing the right one shouldn't be overlooked. There are so many options available to consumers now that include houses with porches and windows and even portable units that can be take down and set up in minutes with no tools. If you're looking to add a dog house to your dogscaping plan we've got the best dog houses for large dogs you can buy below. 

dog houses for large dogs

If you have a large dog breed you've likely put a lot of thought into where you are going to place their home because it will take up a big footprint in your yard. With this in mind you will want to choose an attractive design that offers both aesthetic beauty and functional merit. Whether you are looking for a dog house for 2 dogs or insulated dog houses for large dogs we've got you covered with our top rated list below. We delve into a variety of options including the best way to heat a dog house so you'll know your dog is happy all year! 

Best Dog Houses for Large Dogs

All the best dog houses for large dogs listed below are made with quality materials by reputable companies. They do vary significantly in design so you will be sure to find one that suits exactly what you want to provide for your pet. They range from a luxury insulated dog house with traversing windows that can be customized for summer and winter, to an elaborate large 2 dog house that mimics a duplex style human dwelling. 

1. Petsfit Large Wooden Dog House

This deluxe large wooden dog house makes the top of our list because it has everything that a pet shelter should have. It's an ideal fit for any dog under 24 inches in body length and under 22 inches tall from shoulder to ground. It features a removable top and bottom for easy cleaning and access while still being strong enough to support dogs up to 75 pounds. In addition is has a tough, weatherproof asphalt roof, adjustable feed and an included door flap for added heat and cold insulation. It's available in 2 colours; light grey, red and yellow all with white trim. 

large wooden dog house

2. ASL Solutions Large Insulated Outdoor Dog House

Are you looking for a premium insulated dog house? The ASL large insulated dog house is one of our favourites and with its near 5 start rating on Amazon we aren't the only ones that love this dog house. This shelter has insulation everywhere ranging from 2"-4" of real foam styro in every panel. The windows can be easily repositioned so you can keep them closed in the winter and open them up to enjoy the summer warmth and breeze. The floor is raised 4" providing a dry and warm bedding area for your furry friend. An added bonus is the drain hole on the slightly sloped floor that allows for easy hosing down. If you are looking for a large insulated dog house with windows, this is it.

large insulated outdoor dog house

3. Precision Pet Large Dog House for Winter

Dog houses for large dogs should have a few features, and this log cabin large dog house for winter doesn't disappoint. The entrance is off-center which allows for increased protection and a larger area that's protected from the outside elements. It assembles in 3 easy steps that can be done by any handy dog owner. The natural cedar finish is made from solid wood and is hi-lighted by a dark brown trim. The slanted roof allows water to run off the back of the dog house away from the entrance and the plastic feet keep it off the ground and dry. 

large dog house for winter

4. Giantex Large Plastic Dog House

Are you looking for an affordable large plastic dog house that has the basics? This large plastic dog house features easily assembly and a vent for increased circulation. It's made of high-quality polypropylene plastic giving it increased durability against adverse weather conditions. It's ideally suited for outdoor usage with it's slanted roof that diverts water or snow off the roof away from the entrance. The roof is detachable be removing a few screws, allowing for easy cleaning. The entire dog house is lightweight, weighing only 20 pounds so it can be easily moved from one place to another. 

large plastic dog house

5. Suncast Large Dog House Kit

The Suncast large dog house kit is ideal for dogs up to 100 pounds. This attractive, easy-to-assemble shelter is made of durable resin with a crowned floor for optimal drainage. It comes standard with dual vinyl door flaps that will keep critters out and help regulate the temperature inside the dog house in the summer and winter. It can be put together by any handy do owner by simply snapping the pieces together; which even includes letters to personalize the dog house with your pets name. 

large dog house kits

6. Petmate Large Igloo Dog House

Are you looking for a large igloo dog house that's unique design provides protection from harsh weather while providing comfort. It comes standard with a roof vent that allows for optimal airflow, preventing stagnant air. This makes our list of dog houses for large dogs because it really stands out with its combination of simplicity and budget-friendly price. The Petmate Indigo dog house is made of Microban which helps fight the growth of of odour-causing bacteria and even helps prevent staining. 

large igloo dog house

Large Heated Dog Houses

Are you looking for a large heated dog house? You'll likely have a hard time finding a dog house that's outfitted with a heater and you'll likely have to purchase the dog house and heater separately. Most dog houses can be retrofitted to provide heat, but be choose one that has extra room to install a wall mounted dog heater furnace or heat lamp. You also want to make sure the dog house is insulated or is manufactured without any gaps in the construction. Lastly, a door either in the form of plastic flaps or a swinging door will keep heat in and reduce energy costs. 

7. PawHut Large Dog House with Porch

The PawHut luxury large dog house with porch makes top 5 on our list of the best dog houses for large dogs because it truly brings a lot of value and cool features not found on other dog houses. This cabin style raised dog house will look good and provide a cozy place to call home for 2 big dogs. It's durable, stable and made of solid fir wood that will stand up to all weather conditions; rain, snow, sun and wind. A dog house for 2 dogs that truly has enough space including two separate living areas. Whether they choose to relax inside the covered doorway or lounge on the balcony, this is a large 2 dog house worth considering. 

pawhut large dog house with porch

Best Way to Heat a Dog House

There are 3 great ways to heat a dog house so your pet stays warm and safe during the winter months. This is especially important if your dog spends a lot of time outside or you live in a climate that experiences frigid temperatures. As we mentioned earlier, dogs produce their own radiant body heat which is why choosing the perfect size dog house is so important. Let's take a look at the best way to heat a dog house that won't break the bank. 


The best way to heat and keep your dog house at a desired temperature is to install a dog house heater furnace. The furnace unit installs on the wall of any dog house and is designed with a heat shield so your dog won't get scalded. It can heat a dog house up to 75 cubic feet in size but also works for small dog houses. A furnace is ideal for a dog house because it can be set to a desired temperature and you can count on your pet being warm and comfortable no matter what the outside temperature is. 

Heating Pad

Another great way of introducing heat to a dog house is to use a heated dog pad designed for outdoor use. A heating pad will produce enough heat to keep any dog warm throughout the winter and even provide radiant heat for the entire dog house. The technology available in the best dog house heating pad is amazing and includes a self regulating thermostat so it knows when to provide heat and when to shut off. In addition, for added safety they come with an anti-chew cord made of super durable rubber or metal. 

Heat Lamp

While a dog house heat lamp might be a bit old fashioned, they are a cheap way to provide heat for any outdoor sheltered structure including a dog house. They can be clamped onto a wall or ceiling of a large dog house and provide more than enough heat for the largest dog house. A timer or thermostat can be added for customizability and reduced heating costs. Most dog houses for large dogs can be fitted with a clamp lamp by just simply running an electrical cord to the dog house. 


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