8 Best Heat Lamp for Dog House

If you're looking for the best heat lamp for dog house you're likely concerned about your furry friend getting cold during the cold winter months. Inevitably most places in Canada and the Northern United States experience temperatures that dip well below freezing and for a dog that spends most of its time outside, this can be a tough time of year. While some dogs are suited for cold climates there are some that just aren't built to withstand cold temperatures, and that is why we are going to take a look at the best way to keep your dog house warm in the winter months including how to keep a dog house warm without electricity. 

heat lamp for dog house

A dog that's able to take shelter in a heated dog house can help protect itself from hypothermia, frostbite or other ailments caused by longterm exposure to cold weather. A dog house will prevent wind exposure but there may be times that heat needs to be added to the equation. Thankfully, there are some really great options when it comes to providing heat for your dog or pet outside. If using a heat lamp in a dog house seems unsafe or too difficult there are some great alternative ways to keep your dog warm in their dog house during the winter. 

Best Heat Lamp for Dog House

Our list of the 8 best heat lamps for dog houses starts with some great ideas that utilize ceramic radiant heat. These single bulb structures can be hung in a large dog house out of reach of your dog either by clamping to a structure or you can screw them in for a more permanent solution. The lamps are designed to operate on low wattage and emit low levels of heat, but the surface can get very hot to touch. The lamps themselves require electricity and care should be taken to ensure the cord isn't in a position to be chewed on or exposed to the elements including rain and snow. 

1. Fluker's Clamp Heat Lamp for Dog House

Are you looking for a safe way to generate low levels of heat in your dog house without breaking the bank? A clamp lamp heater can be installed in any large dog house, just make sure the light itself is out of reach of your dog as it can get hot during operation. The ceramic bulbs are sold separately and should be picked based on wattage in relation to how big the dog house is and how much heat you will need throughout the winter. These lamps are designed for indoor use and aren't water proof so be sure to keep it dry and inside during operation. 

clamp heat lamp for dog house

2. Fluker's Ceramic Heat Emitter for Dog House

A ceramic heat lamp for dog house is an option that many pet owners choose because it radiates low amounts of heat, making it ideal as a 24 hour heat source without costing a fortune. The Fluker's Ceramic Heat Emitter is designed to be used with the Fluker's Clamp Lamp with Switch, but it can be used with other clamp lamps. Ceramic lights are known for their longevity and resilience to temperature fluctuations making them an option for dog houses. The downsides to ceramic lamp heating for a dog house is the heat is directed to a small area and they aren't water or weatherproof. 

heat emitter for dog house

3. Zoo Med Heat Lamp Clamp for Dog House

This clamp heat lamp light is available in three sizes; 5.5 inches, 8.5 inches and 10.5 inches to suit the amount of heating you need in your dog house. It includes an on/off switch that's located on the cord for added convenience. The heat lamp for dog house features a dome casing made from heavy duty polished aluminum which increases the amount of light, if using a light bulb instead of a ceramic heat emitter bulb. Ensure proper sizing when choosing a bulb and we recommend using the clamp lamp safety cover to protect pet and bulbs. 

heat lamp clamp for dog house

4. Simple Deluxe Infrared Heater for Dog House

A basic infrared heater for dog house will keep your pet warm throughout the winter. These heat emitters don't emit any light that will disturb your dog or neighbours from trying to sleep. They are energy efficient, rated for up to 10,000 hours of operation and run on 110-120V power and 150Watts. These ceramic lamps do generate a substantial amount of heat and will scald if they are touched. We recommend a quality lamp with protective cover and the ability to be located out of reach of your dog. These lights are designed or use in reptile terrariums and may not be adequate enough to heat some large dog houses. 

infrared heater for dog house

5. Simple Deluxe Clamps Heat Light for Dog House

Are you looking for a heat light for dog house that radiates low levels of heat while also providing light? The Simple Deluxe Clamp Heat Light for dog houses is an adjustable light that will allow you to clamp it to just about anywhere. It comes with a 6 foot cord so you can focus light and heat wherever you need it the most whether it's in a dog house, shed, garage or studio. It's rated up to 150 Watts with E26 base bulbs. The clamps are made of steel so you can be assured it will last a long time wherever you position the heat light. 

heat light for dog house

Heat Lamp for Dog House Alternatives

If a heat lamp isn't going to work for your dogs outdoor area, or it just isn't something you like there are some amazing options available. The following heat lamp for dog house alternatives will do the job of keeping your dog warm in the winter and will likely even do it better, and cheaper than having a heat lamp constantly running. The technology in the following devices include thermostats that respond to your dogs body temperature and automatically turning off when not in use, making them safe and great for saving money on heating costs. 

6. Akoma Dog House Furnace Heater

The Akoma Dog House Furnace Heater is a world leader when it comes to controlled heating for small spaces. This furnace heating unit is designed to fasten to the wall of the dog house at least 2 feet from anything combustable such as a dog bed, blankets, pillows, etc. The thermostat will ensure that the temperature stays at the desired setting regardless of the weather. It's extremely efficient, operating on 120V or 60Hz and with its 150 Watt efficient heating element it won't break the bank. The manufacturer does recommends using an insulated dog house with a door or flaps for optimal results. 

dog house furnace heater

7. K&H Pet Products Heat Pad for Dog House

Are you looking for a safe way to keep your dog warm outside in the cold winter months without spending a fortune on electricity? This is one of our favourite products because there was a lot of thought that went into the design including; internal regulated thermostat, durable ABS plastic construction, 5.5 foot steel wrapped cord and it meets or exceeds safety standards in the Canada and United States. This alternative to a heat lamp for dog house takes safety to the next level with its revolutionary temperature regulating system. In addition to all these benefits the included fleece cover can be machine washed as often as needed. This amazing product is ideal for doghouses, basements, garages, barns, porches, sheds and any outdoor shelter. 

heat pad for dog house

8. Cozy Products Dog House Radiant Heater

Are you looking for gentle radiant heat for your dog during the winter months? This radiant heater for dog houses is the perfect way to keep your dog comfortable even during the cold season in Canada and the northern United States. It will keep puppies and elderly dogs warm and comfortable day and night while only using 200 Watts of electricity. This stand up space heater can stand on its own or can be mounted on a wall. It's a good idea to secure the heater to prevent tipping over, and follow the manufacturers safety guidelines.  

dog house radiant heater

Heat Lamp Safety

The safety of your dog is extremely important and when introducing an electric device that produces heat, you need to take extra caution. If you are setting up the heat lamp in a doghouse that is outdoors you need to take special care due to the moisture that may end up in the dog house including when your pet is wet. There is added risk because the heat lamp will likely be operating most of the time out of sight and where there is no supervision of any kind. There are a few things to keep in mind when setting up your heat lamp for dog house. 

  • If the lamp is corded, ensure that the cord is tacked up in a spot where it can't get tripped on, chewed on our exposed to moisture and other elements. 
  • Secure the lamp in a spot that is out of the way and has no chance of coming in contact with your dog while they are in the dog house. If the lamp is rubbed, chewed on or hit by your dog it can potentially cause scalding or electrocution. 
  • Always use the safety shut off or temperature regulating features of the device if they are available. While most products are designed with these safety mechanisms built it, some aren't and you should avoid them. A digital thermostat is a good idea to control the amount of heat is produced in the dog house. 

Ultimately, the safety of your pet is up to you when it comes to installing a heat lamp for dog house. Any time you are working with electrical devices outside, especially around pets that are unpredictable, you want to exercise caution. We recommend choosing a device that is safety rated for use in Canada and the United States, has dog pet safety in mind with automatic safety shutoffs, chew-resistant cords and automatic shutoffs. 

Heating a Dog House Without Electricity

How can I heat my dog house without electricity? There really is only one method that will add heat to your dog house and that is to use solar energy. We will discuss this further below but let's start with ways you can help retain heat that is produced by your dog or through radiant heat from the sun. Each of the following ideas for retaining heat in a dog house will help maintain a comfortable temperature and create a more comfortable place for your dog to call home. 

  • Insulation. An insulated dog house is a must have for any dogscaping plan especially if you live in a climate that experiences extreme hot or cold temperatures. The insulation will keep a dog house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 
  • Door or Flaps. In most cases, dog houses lose their heat right through the door, just like when a door is open in your house. Adding a simple door or plastic weather flaps will help tremendously when it comes to regulating the temperature in your dog house. 
  • Construction. Ensure that there are no holes or gaps in the dog house construction. These gaps will allow air to pass through and subsequently lead to heat loss over time.
  • Raised Floor. A dog house floor that is slightly raised of the ground will work wonders for heat retention as well as comfort for your dog. A raised floor will help prevent the dog house from getting wet, muddy or snowy while also helping with the overall insulation.
  • Insulated Bedding. An insulated dog bed or thick thermal blanket will help retain your dogs body heat and protect them from wind and cold temperatures. 

Solar Powered Dog House Heater

A solar powered dog house heater is an option if you are willing to put in some work and learn the basics of converting solar energy into useable electricity. Solar technology has come a long way in recent years but still needs work as far as making it affordable and easy to install, so it's practical for the average person. While we don't think this is the best way to heat a dog house, it is an option and may be fun for someone willing to tackle a challenge, and willing to financially invest in solar heat.

The following portable solar panel will provide power to devices that draw 100W or less. It's designed for use with a high efficiency solar generator but the cost may not be worth it for the average dog owner. Keep in mind that if you live in area that doesn't receive a lot of sunlight in the winter this may also not be a good choice. 

solar powered dog house heater

Heat Lamp for Dog House FAQs

Creating a climate controlled dog house can be a bit of a challenge but with a bit of elbow grease you can provide some long lasting comfort for your dog. It might seem a bit daunting when running an electrical device to your dog house and if you aren't comfortable you should hire the services of a professional electrician or handyman.

Can you use a heat lamp in a dog house?

Heat lamps are used in dog houses all over the world because they provide low levels of constant heat. This is ideal for keeping a relatively comfortable temperature even in the coldest winter months which is necessary for some short haired dogs that aren't capable of surviving in cold temperatures. 

Is it safe to put a heat lamp in a dog house?

A heat lamp is a safe option when installed properly. They are very effective at providing safe levels of low heat, which is all a dog requires most of the time. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding installation and usage.

How do you install a heat lamp in a dog house?

A basic installation will involve drilling a hole for the electric cable that supplies power to the lamp. The lamp should be hung either by clamping securely or using screws, out of the way and out of reach of any dogs. The cord should be tucked away out of reach, out of sight and where it won't be exposed to external elements.

What's a safe temperature to heat a dog house?

The limit for most dogs is 21℃ or 70℉ very similar to humans, except dogs don't have the option of taking off clothing or sweating. The normal body temperature of a dog is about 39℃ or 102℉ and their main method of regulating temperature is through panting.

A heat lamp is a handy device that once you have it installed, is very low maintenance. This is especially true if you use a thermostat or timer to operate the lamp throughout the day. The most important thing is to ensure it's installed in a safe place so it can't be reached by your dog.


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