7 Best Dog House Heating Pads

A dog house heating pad is something your beloved pet is going to thank you for, if they could. While some dogs have thick fur coats and are suited for the cold temperatures found in Canada and the United States, some don't. This might not be an issue if your dog doesn't spend time outside, but if they spend time in an outdoors, even in a dog house, it matters. Adding heat in the form of a dog house heat lamp or a heating pad will keep your dog warm and safe throughout the cold winter months so you don't have to worry. 

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There are only a few ways to keep your dogs outdoor haven warm during the winter but there are several things to consider when purchasing a dog house or designing your yard with dogscaping principles in mind. The first thing is to find a shelter that's insulated, built with quality materials, has a door and the floor is off the ground. This will ensure that any heat produced by your dog or introduced by a heat pad or heat lamp with effectively stay inside. This will ultimately keep your dog more warm and comfortable during the really cold days of winter and save you money with much reduced electrical costs. 

Best Dog House Heating Pads

In this article we are going to go over the best dog house heating pads on the market today. There are many options out there but once you narrow it down you start to see that are truly only a few heating pads that are designed for outdoor use in a large dog house where they may be exposed to wet paws, tracked in snow or mud and be exposed to freezing temperatures. The added safety measures are extremely important and we'll go over those below so you know what to look for when shopping for a new dog house heating pad. 

1. K&H Large Dog House Heating Pad

Are you looking for a heating pad for your dog that's specifically designed for use outdoors? This heating pad really has everything you could want in a top rated dog house heating pad. It's made to last with a durable ABS waterproof plastic exterior, comes standard with a washable fleece cover and the best of all it has an internally regulated safety thermostat that responds to your dogs temperature, so your dog won't ever overheat. It's ideal for dog houses, sheds, barns, garages or any sheltered area outside. It meets or exceeds USA/CA electrical safety standards and comes with a manufacturers one-year warranty. 

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2. K&H Medium Outdoor Dog Heating Pad

This outdoor dog heating pad is a smaller version of the very successful K&H product line, the leader in innovative pet products. The thermostatically controlled pad will automatically adjust the temperature based on the external temperature and your dogs body heat. It's durable ABS plastic cover and 5.5 foot steel wrapped cord will ensure safety and longevity even in the toughest environments. It's ideal for dog houses or any outside sheltered areas where your dog spends time and very useful for dogs with puppies as a warm place to sleep safely. 

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3. Toozey Waterproof Dog House Heating Pad

Are you looking for a quality waterproof heating pad with a chew resistant cord? The Toozey waterproof dog house heating pad comes in two sizes and features the most custom heating technology for your dog in the industry. The heat 6 heat settings ranging from 30℃ (86℉) to 55℃ (131℉) and 5 timer settings; an always on setting and 4 timer settings ranging from 4 hours to 24 hours. The top layer is an ultra soft crystal velvet and inside is a waterproof PVC film, flame retardant Kint and the UL 758 heating wire. 

waterproof dog house heating pad

4. Quasilove Waterproof Dog House Heating Pad

Are you looking for an extra large dog mat that can be used indoors and outdoors? This makes number three on our best dog house heating pad list because of it's size, making it ideal for large dogs or multiple smaller dogs. It's waterproof, non-toxic and passes safety standards for Canada and the United States with a 6.6 foot chew resistant cord. The heat is controlled via an intelligent adjustable heating system that's right on the cord; allowing for low and high heat settings to suit the needs of your dog. 

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5. Ubei Electric Heating Pad for Dog House

The Ubei electric heating pad for dog house features a 7 layer design that includes outer layers made of 100% Dacron PVC and three layers of wool. It's cushiony soft, waterproof and meets or exceeds safety standards. It's ideal for a sheltered doghouse and pets thats are recovering from surgery, aging and arthritic. It heats up quickly and then can be set to a lower heat for prolonged, steady heat without overheating. It's waterproof, fireproof and is easy to clean by hand as often as necessary. 

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6. Farm Innovators Large Heated Pet Mat

This large dog house heating pad is constructed of high impact ABS plastic making it weather resistant and very durable. It's ideal for keeping your dog warm throughout the winter as the temperature dips down below what your dog can safely handle. The red indicator light shows when the pad is operating and the heavy duty cord will help prevent chewing that could cause damage or harm to your dog. It comes with a faux lambskin fleece cover that can be removed and washed as often as necessary. 

large heated pet mat

7. Farm Innovators Medium Heated Pet Mat

The Farm Innovators medium heated pet mat makes our list because of it's truly outdoor design. It's the smaller version of the large pad they also offer, making it ideal for smaller dogs and a smaller dog house. It's nice to have an option for a small dog house or you can even use two smaller mats side by side if you have multiple dogs. It's made of the same super durable ABS plastic, has the same anti-chew metal cord and comes with a fleece cover for convenient cleaning. This mat is weather resistant and ideal as a winter heating blanket for dogs whether it's in a dog house, shed, garage or back patio. 

medium heated pet mat

Dog House Heating Pad Safety

In the hunt for the best dog house heating pad you've likely seen a variety of products that claim to be for outdoor use but there are a few important things you need to keep in mind. All dog pads should be kept under or inside a shelter of some sort because they aren't meant to be exposed directly to rain or snow. A quality dog house is ideal because it will provide a safe haven for your dog to stay warm and protected from the elements during the cold winter months.

A very important feature to look for is the heating mechanism in the mat. In most cases, simplicity is best as seen in the K&H dog house heating pad. You simply plug it in and when the red light is on you know it's operating. It will automatically adjust to the right temperature depending on when your dog is using it. Another great feature is an auto shut off or thermostat with timer that allows for precise temperature and timing of the heater. 

Finally, the electrical cord is something that should garner attention when being mindful of dog safety. The cord should always be kept out of reach of the dog and off the ground as much as possible. There are anti-chew cords that are either wrapped with metal or a durable rubber always be mindful and if your dog is chewing on the cord, take steps to help prevent it. If your dog is chewing things it shouldn't you may want to consider a chew toy or something similar. 

While the top rated dog house heating pads are rated as weatherproof and are largely waterproof, you don't want your dog using the pad as a bathroom. There are some great artificial grass dog potties on the market that will provide a comfortable place to go to the bathroom and as an added bonus they are portable. You can situate them inside a large doghouse, next to it or on an outdoor patio. 

We hope you found this article about dog house heating pads and hopefully you are able to find a great solution for keeping your dog safe and warm this winter.


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