10 Best Artificial Grass Leaf Blowers

An artificial grass leaf blower is a crucial tool when it comes to looking after your synthetic grass throughout the year. If you've ever owned a gas powered blower you've likely come to appreciate the convenience of being able to grab it and get the job done in seemingly no time. You maybe even had fun cleaning your driveway, sidewalk and your artificial grass lawn. With the ever-advancing technology in battery power there are great handheld and backpack blowers that now last longer and weigh much less than the traditional gas powered beasts of the past. 

artificial grass leaf blower

Does the thought of being able to head out into your yard in pyjamas to do some quick cleaning appeal to you? An artificial grass leaf blower is ultra-convenient and can help you clean any size area big or small in a matter of minutes. The top rated electric leaf blowers produce the same and even more power than gas blowers with the simple push of a button. The power to clean leaves, twigs and even pebbles that often collect along the roadside after winter is literally in your hands if you use a handheld artificial grass leaf blower for regular turf maintenance.

Best Artificial Grass Leaf Blowers

The best artificial grass leaf blowers all have one thing in common; they make maintaining your artificial grass incredibly easy. Whether you use it to keep an artificial grass putting green in pristine shape or to clear off an area of your lawn that tends to collect leaves, there's nothing like being able to clean your grass in as little as a few minutes. With the advances in lithium battery technology, cordless power tools are growing in popularity partly because of how easy they are to operate but also because they are helping protect our fragile environment. 

What is the best leaf blower for artificial grass? The answer to that is rather subjective and likely depends on what type of power you prefer; gas, electric or battery powered. There are pros and cons to each type in our list of the best artificial grass leaf blowers on the market in Canada and the United States. In addition to a blower, consider all of the great synthetic grass maintenance equipment tools that will help keep your grass looking great all year. 


Battery Powered Leaf Blower for Artificial Grass

A cordless battery powered leaf blower is ideal for artificial grass. In most cases all that's required to keep your synthetic lawn clean and clear of debris is a quick once over with a blower. Starting at one corner of your yard you can work towards an area where leaves can be corralled for pick up with a rake or vacuum. The simplicity of this task is echoed in the simplicity, convenience and light weight of a battery powered blower. There's something to be said about not having to deal with adding gasoline and oil, changing filters or listening to the roar of a gas engine.

1. Makita Battery Powered Artificial Grass Leaf Blower

The Makita Cordless Leaf Blower is possibly the best handheld blower for artificial grass on the market today for several reasons. The quality and comfort are top notch featuring a rubber soft grip handle and an easy to access thumb control for power and run time management. The internal brushless motor delivers industry leading power with air speeds up to 116 MPH. This compact powerhouse of a blower that weighs only 6.5 lbs. will move leaves and twigs off artificial grass with ease and you won't wake the neighbours when you do it. 

  • 459 CFM
  • 116 MPH
  • 6.5 LBS
battery powered artificial grass leaf blower
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2. GreenWorks Cordless Artificial Grass Leaf Blower

The GreenWorks Cordless Leaf Blower is one of our favourites because it's a budget friendly and incredibly lightweight handheld blower. You can expect up to 28 minutes of runtime on one battery so you can easily clear off the average artificial grass lawn, play area or dog run with time to spare. The comfort molded grip, cruise control and variable speed trigger make this a serious top contender in the world of leaf blowers ideal for artificial grass. This unit is strong enough for almost any job while still being compact and lightweight enough to be handled by any synthetic grass owner. 

  • 390 CFM
  • 110 MPH
  • 3.5 LBS
cordless artificial grass leaf blower
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3. Ryobi Battery Powered Leaf Blower

This unit rounds out our list of the top rated artificial grass blowers because of it's pricing and of course because Ryobi is a trusted brand around the world. It's one of the highest rated blowers on Amazon with a near 5 star review rating and almost 2,000 reviews at the time of this article. This unit doesn't have the high CFM or air movement power the other blowers have but it's powerful to get most cleaning jobs done and a lot faster than using a rake or artificial grass broom.

  • 280 CFM
  • 100 MPH
  • 5.5 LBS
battery powered leaf blower
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4. GreenWorks Battery Powered Backpack Blower

An artificial grass leaf blower that straps onto your back is a great concept and one that can save strain on your back, shoulders and arms. There's a reason why most professionals use backpack blowers and now you can enjoy the same benefits in a powerful leaf blower that you don't have to hold in your hand. The GreenWorks Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower is more powerful than a handheld and thanks to innovations in battery technology you can now find the same power as a gas blower in battery power. No more mixing gas and oil, needing to wear protective gear or warning your neighbours that you're firing up the gas blower.

  • 580 CFM
  • 145 MPH
  • 16.0 LBS
artificial grass battery powered backpack blower
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5. Ryobi Variable Speed Artificial Grass Backpack Leaf Blower

Are you looking for a powerful battery powered backpack blower that's capable of lasting up to 30 minutes? This unit is unique because it incorporates 2 batteries so you can enjoy the longest operating times ever in a battery powered leaf blower. It's ultra quiet and operates at a low 59 db even though it reaches CFMs up to 625. The leaf blower comes with one battery, and we highly recommend purchasing a second one because it's intended to slot two batteries at the same time. This top rated artificial grass leaf blower comes with a 5 year warranty from an industry leading manufacturer.

  • 625 CFM
  • 145 MPH
  • 22.0 LBS
variable speed artificial grass backpack leaf blower
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Gas Leaf Blower for Artificial Grass

The best artificial grass leaf blowers feature enough power to get any size area clean and fast. With some of the highest CFMs you can count on moving a lot of leaves, debris, dirt and even snow with a quality blower. This makes them ideal for large areas with artificial grass that are adjacent to areas with trees that shed leaves throughout the year. The ability to penetrate the grass blades with a powerful leaf blower means you can keep artificial grass somewhat clean even without using a power brush sweep

6. Poulan Pro Gas Leaf Blower for Artificial Grass

The most affordable gas leaf blower for artificial grass makes our list for its budget friendliness and reliable power that is more than enough for most home owners that need to keep their artificial grass clean. If you need to clear sidewalks of snow that isn't packed down, clear debris off the driveway or leaves from a putting green, this unit will do it all with ease. This little giant has the standard variable speed controls, cruise control and anti spill valves for added cleanliness. The low price of this unit makes it worth considering especially when it stacks up so well against some of the other expensive leaf blowers. 

  • 475 CFM
  • 200 MPH
  • 22.0 LBS
gas leaf blower for artificial grass
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7. Husqvarna Gas Backpack Leaf Blower

The Husqvarna Gas Backpack Leaf Blower makes our list of the best artificial grass leaf blowers partly because of brand reputation and partly the advancements made in the engine design. They have reduced emissions by 60% in their latest engine x-torq and together with the efficient fan design you can count on high air speed and air flow. It comes with all the features you'd expect including multiple speed settings, adjustable handle and a comfortable grip making this a great choice for large yards. 

  • 374 CFM
  • 145 MPH
  • 15.0 LBS
gas backpack leaf blower
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8. Schroder Professional Artificial Grass Leaf Blower

The most powerful blower on our list is the Schroder Professional Artificial Grass Leaf Blower with an amazing 980 CFM. This unit is not for the light hearted and probably isn't ideal for the average residential artificial grass owner. Trusted by landscape professionals and artificial grass installers around the world this unit is manufactured in Germany and enjoyed in North America. This gas powered leaf blower will get any job done no matter the size and with it's large gas tank you can count on a long lasting blower ideal for any situation. 

  • 920 CFM
  • 230 MPH
  • 19.5 LBS
professional artificial grass leaf blower
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9. Makita Gas Powered Artificial Grass Leaf Blower

Likely the most deluxe gas powered leaf blower you will find, there isn't a feature that this unit doesn't have including an anti-icing valve ideal for Canadian winters. They considered comfort when they designed this artificial grass leaf blower with added damper springs to reduce vibration and extra padding on the shoulder straps. This means you can use this machine to clean a large yard while staying comfortable and no sore back. The 4 stroke engine was introduced for lower emissions and a longer run time on a single tank of gas. 

  • 516 CFM
  • 184 MPH
  • 26.0 LBS
gas powered artificial grass leaf blower
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Electric Leaf Blower for Artificial Grass

We only included one electric powered leaf blower on our list but it doesn't mean it isn't worth serious consideration. The main downside to electric power is the fact that it requires being plugged in at all times and for some people that can be such a nuisance that it's not even an option. On the other hand there are a couple advantages; mainly the fact that you don't have to refill it with gas or charge batteries ever. The other thing you may like is because of the reliable electric power you can count on consistent high blowing speeds compared to the other types of artificial grass leaf blowers that dip in speed. 

10. Black+Decker Electric Artificial Grass Leaf Blower

The best electric leaf blower is hands down the Black+Decker due to it's price, versatility and power that equals and even exceeds gas blowers. It comes with an easy to wear backpack so you can carry it on your back instead of holding it as you clean your yard. It also comes with an attachment and the ability to be used as a grass leaf vacuum to bag the leaves you corral using the blower. The zipper-free bag and power boost button round out the added features of this blower/vacuum/mulcher ideal for anyone that owns artificial grass. 

  • 400 CFM
  • 250 MPH
  • 10.0 LBS
electric artificial grass leaf blower
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Using a Leaf Blower on Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is incredibly low maintenance and it may be one of the reasons you chose it in the first place. When it comes to maintaining it there really isn't a lot that needs to be done aside from the odd clearing of debris and occasionally deep cleaning with an artificial grass enzyme cleaner if you have dogs that use the grass as a bathroom.

As an artificial lawn owner you likely only need to use a broom or rake for spot cleaning and why not make the task even easier by using a leaf blower. An artificial grass leaf blower literally replaces the need to use a broom to get rid of leaves and twigs. It's even more necessary if you are physically unable to rake leaves or you just don't have the time. There may be a local company that provides an artificial grass cleaning service that will give your grass a thorough clean, often yearly. 

The bottom line is that the more often your lawn is kept clean the lower the likelihood of weeds, bacteria and other organisms taking hold is. In a perfect world you should keep debris off at all times but the advantage with an artificial grass leaf blower is you can very quickly and efficiently clean the grass off, not only keeping it looking great and preventing potential issues, it will likely last longer as well.


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